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The new found love(part 1) - Their perfect world.

 A McLennon fic


Rating: NC-17 (not really but a little the heavy stuff comes later)
Pairing: Lennon/McCartney
Summary:  ”*Brian sighs* well…you know..he was almost sitting on my lap and..I got a bit excited *Brian blushes* and stuff happened”….. read and find out the rest…
Disclaimer: Everything depicted in this story is fictional. 

It was 1985 it had been years since john and paul moved to new york, to their new big house and still they had not invited everyone for x-mas. But this year john was determined to make it happen*

*it was now dinner time at the mclennon house with Christmas just around the corner* so what shall we do for xmas? *paul says sitting on the couch watching tv as john was doing some stuff near him*

paulie I was thinking. *john sat next to paul and looked at him with big hopeful eyes* how about we do a party?


Party? Here? *paul asks looking at john* who will we invite?


The old lads! You know joj, Ringo, Mimi maybe even Pete and Ivan. *john says with big happy eyes, john had always loved a good party and it had been years since they had a party at their own place*


*paul grins* sounds marvelous! I’ll buy some more decorations *paul says putting an arm around john*

 Then what are we doing still here come on! *john jumped up along with paul* let’s go the shops are still open!

 *paul chuckles* alright cowboy calm down, get ready now *paul gets his shoes on and takes his jacket wallet and phone*

 Wait the kids paul! *john went up a few steps and screamed* julia! brian! abbey! come on we’re going x-mas shopping!

 *the kids run down screaming with joy and paul laughs helping them get their coat and shoes on* ready guys?

 yeah come on. *brian says running out the door* wait for us you squirrel! *john had made up the nickname for brian because he always took over paul on that, since he was about 5 he had paul’s big cheeks and funny smile which like Paul, made him almost look like a squirrel *

*paul laughs and opens the door letting everyone out and locks the door* it’s cold guys put on your scarfs*

*brian and julia did fine but abbey kind of messed up her scarf needing john’s help. He chuckled and helped her* here baby put it around your neck and just do this. *he showed how to do it to her and she smiled* thanks daddy!


*Paul smiles and takes abbey’s hand as they get out the house* wait did everyone go to the toilet before we left the house? *Paul says looking at the children*

 yeah daddy come on. *says julia rushing to the car. john smiled and got in*

 *Paul puts abbey back and makes sure everyone had their seat belts on* alright kids, off we go *Paul says as he starts driving*

 *john like always turns on the radio and starts singing along as soon as his new favorite band the B52’s came on* ey paul it’s that band i told you about. *said john in between verses*

 Yeah? It’s good *Paul says grinning as they drive* I like them

 They’re great aren’t they kids? *john says turning to the kids. abbey and brian agree but julia has a different point* well it’s pretty good but i don’t like all the screaming it’s a bit too avanguard for me.

 *Paul laughs* oh when did miss Julia become such a critic? Alright then, what do you like?

 *john chuckles and listens closely loving how much like him julia was but still being perfectly like paul* well the screaming in this one does go well with the song but i ratter hear deeper songs, you know, songs that mean something.

 See now that’s what we did. *Paul says looking at the road.* especially by the end. But what Bands does miss julia prefer?

 well i like heart and i like very much one of your mate’s works. *says julia with a cute little grin*

 And who is that? *Paul asks looking at her from the little mirror he had in front of him*

 george, george harrison. *john laughed loudly* what i like his songs and his points of view in religion and things.

 Yeah I agree with you. Well that mo thing wasn’t a very good thing to use it as an excuse on but..yeah he has good points on stuff. He wrote some of our bests songs *Paul keeps driving*


yeah. *john nods and changes the station to find ringo’s “the no no song” is playing* ey isn’t that ringo?

*Paul laughs* hey yeah! *Paul starts singing along*

*john laughs and soon all of them are singing along as well*

*soon they arrive and he pulls to the parking place* well come on*Paul says getting out*

*john gets out and opens the door for the kids* now where should we start?

 Well *they get in* let’s take a shopping cart and go to that isle where they have the decorations *Paul says pointing*

 *john chuckles and gets a shopping cart* ey brian come on and hold on. *brian smiles and does as he was told, soon john runs off with brian inside the shopping cart*

 *Paul laughs and runs after them following the girls who also ran* Ey! I wish you talked with me first before running away with one of our children! I’m taking all your money. I have good lawyers *Paul shouts jokingly after him *

 well good luck without me. *john says jokingly* oh come here. *john brings paul closer and kisses him. brian goes ewww but is soon quieted by abbey who pinched him saying* ey don’t you do that. let them luv each other for Pete’s sake.

 *Paul giggles* thank you abbey *Paul winks and kisses John again* love is not a big enough word

 It sure isn’t. *says john kissing paul back* oh come on you two let’s go. *says brian pushing them from behind a bit*

 *Paul whines * I’m gonna do that when you have your first girlfriend Brian, remember this. *Paul says looking at Brian and laughs* girls remind me

We will. *says julia smiling evilly at brian* or boyfriend. *says john making julia and abbey laugh very loud*

*Paul laughs too and elbows John* John!… But yeah *Paul says looking at Brian*

 mum! *brian says with a blushes face making john laugh as well*

 Why are you blushing do you have a crush on someone? *Paul asks as they start walking*

 no. *brian says looking down* oh you do! *john tickles him and smiles* who is he now?

 *Brian laughs and squirms* no I dont! Please lemme go *laughs * I don’t! *Julia and abbey laugh*

 oh you do you do you do. *john keeps tickling* i know that face anywhere.

 I…*laughs* alright fine stop! *Brian says laughing*

 *john stops and grins at paul looking back at brian* so who is he?

 I..I can’t tell you. I’m not sure..if I like him *Brian says itching his nose like Paul*

 *john again smiles at paul and tickles brian a little again* tell us!

 *Paul grins and brian laughs again.* his..his name is Scott *brian rubs the back of his head *

 oh really? *john lifts a brow* sounds fancy, what does he look like?

 well..he is about my height. He has dark hair and blue eyes..but they are kind of green a bit, You know like the sea..*brian says kicking the floor* he is funny and smart and..*Brian shrugs*

 aww my baby is a loooove. *says john hugging brian in a funny way almost lifting him off the floor*

 No I’m not! How do you even know this? *brian blushes*

 umm i did fall in love with this one didn’t i. *john says bringing paul closer to him from the hip. abbey comes closer to brian and hugs him* come on bri it’s love you shouldn’t fight it.

 *Brian hugs abbey* yeah well I dunno if he likes me..Julia: I saw Brian kissing him in our garden last week after that party he went to.  Bri: JULIA! *brian turns red*

 oh you naughty boy! *john says making a funny but not angry face* you take from your mum now don’t you. *john grins at paul* 

What does that mean? *Paul says to John, Brian looks at John too* and it was just a little kiss…*Julia rolls her eyes * oh come on Brian

 tell us julia. *john says grinning at julia, knowing his daughter well enough to know her evil ways*

 Well they were just talking at first in front of the house but then he leaned in and kissed brian slowly and they started wrapping their arms around each other and Brian can tell you the rest *julia grins evilly getting a wink from john*

 all done young one *he says in a evil voice* now brian would you care to continue the story?* john crosses his arms as they arrive at the x-mas section and abbey starts looking around* 

 I…well…I..kissed him and we..kissed for a bit and..I took him… to my room *Brian says not knowing how much he should tell them and blushing *

 *john widens his eyes* and?

 and…we kissed..and… Well…yeah..and…yeah that’s it *Brian says biting his bottom lip and looking down*

 that’s it? *john knew paul well enough to know that his son wouldn’t just kiss*

 Uhh…yeah *Brian swallows hard. Paul looks at John*

 brian? *john says finally sounding like a parent* what happened?

 I..I can’t tell you *Brian says being nervous and chews on his bottom lip. Paul looks at John but still being not that serious, since it was his son*

 brian… tell us. *john crosses his arms*

 *Paul looks at Julia and abbey* girls don’t you two want any candy? *Julia whines but she takes abbey to the candy section, abbey goes skipping along being too young to really care.* it wasn’t much..well…he was…almost sitting on my lap and…I..*Brian makes a face*

 *john looks around to see if julia and abbey were close, not seeing them he kneels down to brian and puts his hand on his shoulder* brian you can tell us, we’ve been thru the same thing.

 You have? How far did you go when you were my age? *Paul laughs quietly*

 Well luv me and your mum met we were a bit older but it was pretty much the same thing. *john says quietly and sensitively looking back at Paul then again at brian*

 *Brian sighs* well…you know..he was almost sitting on my lap and..I got a bit excited *Brian blushes* and stuff happened. He..he did stuff *Brian says coughing and making a face at saying this his mum and dad*

 come on brian we need to know these things, what stuff? *john says both proud of his son but worried about what the other boy may have done to him*

 *Brian takes out his hand and makes it like he is holding something, he blushes and moves his hand a bit, clears his throat and takes his hand back*

 *john widens his eyes and looks up at paul knowing exactly what that meant*

 *Paul looks at John and nods once, making him see that he understood too* is that all? *Paul asks Brian who touches his own lips blushing and takes his had back*

 *john widens his eyes even more* does that mean what i think it means?

 Depends what you think *Brian says kicking the floor and shrugging*

 you know. *john put his hand near his mouth and pushed his tongue to the inside of his cheek then and looked at paul*

 *Paul laughs uncontrollably being not all that serious which makes Brian laugh a little too. Brian then nods slowly* it all went too fast.. I….am I grounded? *Brian asks John*

 well no bri but i’m gonna have to have a little talk with mister Romeo. 

*john stood and put his arm around paul’s waist* but for now let’s just go x-mas shopping ey? the party is not gonna make itself.

 *Brian sighs* hey can…can I invite him to the party? *Brian asks shyly.*

 *john looks at him and smiles looked back at paul* sure, right paul?

*Paul grins* yeah I wanna meet ‘im. *Paul pats Brian’s back* it’s alright brian we went through the same stuff too, right John?

yeah but mimi and jim were way worst then us. *john chuckles as they find abbey and julia*

They sure were *Paul sighs and they start walking with abbey and Julia to the Christmas part and put some decorations in the cart as they pass*

*soon they have two carts full of decorations. They pay for it and leave as soon as they are home john turns to the kids and says* ey how about we decorate the house today?

*Julia and abbey nod happily and get the decorations to put them on*

*john gets out of the car with them running all over the place playing around with the decorations but Brian stays in the car with paul*

*Paul turns his back to face Brian* alright there?

It’s nothing. *Brian says looking down at himself remembering the night he and Scott spend together*

 *Paul smiles to himself and gets out the car, sits with Brian on the back* are you sure bri? *Paul asks sincerely*

 *Brian hugs Paul cutely and sobs a little* dad am i really queer?

 Shh Brian *Paul says hugging him back* it’s alright. It’s nothing to worry about.

 but dad what if i’m not and i’m only fooling myself? *brian, now crying hugs paul tighter*

 *Paul perfectly understood why Brian was feeling like this* what do you feel brian? That’s the important part Do you really like him? .

 i do he is, well… *brian sniffs and looks down* he is charming and sweet and he showed me things and I felt things with him I thought I could only feel with a girl.

 *Paul smiles and wipes Brian’s tears away.* how do you feel when you are with him? *Paul asks smiling*

 Well light and happy and just free, well, in a way. *says brian with a smile and shinning eyes*

 *Paul holds Brian’s hands tight.* is he treating you well? Does he act like he likes you? Even with others?

 Well… at school he gets a bit shy but yeah he does. *Brian looks at Paul with hopeful eyes full of dreams just like john’s eyes the day paul met him*

 *Paul looks into Brian’s eyes and strokes his cheek* you are full of dreams. Don’t let them go. The time I met your dad I knew he would never feel like I did but…He did. *Paul grins* and you…You were named after a queer yourself

 i am? *Brian says a bit confused*

 Brian Epstein…eppy. He was our little manager. He was queer too. *Paul smiles* but he turned out just fine didn’t he?

 But people say he killed himself? *Brian says worried, thinking It was because of being queer*

 *Paul sighs* no luv, it was an accident, overdose of sleeping pills *Paul says to Brian* well then tell me a bit more about Scott and what happened. Come on John is not here *Paul grins*

 well it was all really fast *brian smiles at himself* but he was charming and sweet and he promised me he would go slow and that it would feel good you know.

 Did it? Oh he did these things before you? *Paul asks being interested, it’s like they were gossiping*

 well I don’t think so, cuz he was almost awkward in the beginning but as we kissed it got so… so loving that we both forgot it.* brian blushes and smiles*

 *Paul grins* and? When you got to your room? *Paul asks wanting more details*

 well there he got even sweeter then before always kissing me and making sure i was okay with what he was doing. *Brian says smiling*

 *Paul keeps on grinning at how Brian is comfortable talking with him* was he good? Oh who made the first move?

 well I flirted but he kissed. *Brian was about to go on when a x-mas tree ball was thrown at the window* what was that?! *when they walk out they find that john, julia and abbey have made a complete mess of the house but in a way decorated it*

 *they both laugh* you can tell me the rest later, oh one more thing, is he your boyfriend now..you know Officially?*Paul asks quietly at Brian*

 Not really but i think he is planning something. *in the mean time john didn’t see that paul and brian had gotten out of the car so he was still running around like mad laughing and just acting like he was the girl’s age*

 *Paul smiles* I’m sure he has something up his sleeve *he winks before they see John and both laugh very hard.* John! *Paul says laughing*

 *john stops at once like he has seen a ghost making julia and abbey who were running after him smash into him making all three of them bump into each other like in the cartoons. All three of them red and sweaty from running around*

*paul and Brian keep on laughing* what are you doing? *Paul says looking at them*

 ummm nothing. *says john with a shocked face looking down at the girls then back at paul*

 Nothing? *Paul says coming closer to John* come on John, you little bird *Paul pinches his cheek*

 well just some decorating you know *john smiles in a goofy way making the girls giggle*

 Alright enough decorating. You go and invite people and we will fix these. Julia abbey help daddy. *Paul takes the stuff John had in his hand*

 *john, abbey and julia run off and sit around the phone talking like gossiping school girls about who to invite*

 *Paul laughs as he and Brian continue to decorate and fix the mess, Paul looks at Brian who was smiling to himself.* whatcha thinking about?